Chrysalide is distributed in two different packs:

This page lists the main differences between these two versions:

Community Enterprise


For its early features, Chrysalide focuses on the embedded world.

The architecture scope is thus:

Advanced Risc Machine - ARM v7 partial partial
Advanced Risc Machine - ARM v8 planned
Dalvik supported supported
Java Virtual Machine - JVM v5 planned

File formats

The following file formats are or will be supported:

Android boot image - ANDROID! supported
Android Package - APK supported supported
Android binary XML - AXML supported
Dalvik Executable format - Dex supported supported
Executable and Linkable Format - ELF supported supported
Java planned
MobiCore Load Format - MCLF partial partial

Debugging protocols

The dynamic analysis can rely on support for debugging protocols:

Dalvik Debug Monitor - DDM planned
GNU Debugger - GDB work in progress work in progress
Java Debug Wire Protocol - JDWP planned


Chrysalide tries to simplify the assembly code produced by some external tools.

Allatori Java Obfuscator (demo) supported

Extra features

Chrysalide is also distinguished by more general features:

Binary diffing supported
multi-threads disassembly supported supported
Python bindings supported supported
Linux syscalls documentation supported supported
Undo/redo operations in history supported supported
Zoom in the code areas work in progress work in progress