Graphical interface

Driven by the growth of Gnome, GTK is a toolkit with a dynamic development.

It is a multi-platform environment which provides a coherent and finely crafted ensemble. The interfaces follow well defined guidelines.

Moreover, from its third version, GTK uses cascading style sheets to render its themes.

Every Chrysalide user can thus adapt the interface of the software to his tastes easily.

Web interface

One characteristic of GTK is that it can use HTML 5 as final rendering output.

One has to start the relative server first:


The selection of the rendering engine is then done thanks to an environment variable:

GDK_BACKEND=broadway chrysalide

The full list of the existing parameters is available in the documentation of the broadwayd server.

Automations via Python

Chrysalide has an extension allowing to interact with Python code.

To get access to all the features of Chrysalide from a Python script, one only has to specify the location of the library called

export PYTHONPATH=/usr/lib/chrysalide/

It is then possible to run any code:

python3 -c 'import pychrysalide; print(pychrysalide.version())'

In a more classical way, it is also possible to run Python scripts:


import pychrysalide